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Culture, Sports & Technology
Devoted to forging China’s most valuable resource-integrating platform of cultural and sports industries

Founded in 2013, Kaisa Culture Sports & Technology Group (KCST) is a professional group of Kaisa group that devotes to forging China’s most valuable resource-integrating platform of cultural and sports industries. Currently, KCST has operated 20 landmark cultural & sports venues successfully among important cities including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc. with nearly 2.18 million m? areas and a total asset of over 15 billion CNY. As an integrated operator of large cultural and sports assets in China, KCST seizes its business layout of a market valued 5 trillion CNY with the golden time of China’s cultural & sports industries coming. KCST not onlyapplies a ‘light-asset & heavy-operation’ strategy and a development idea towards the ‘globalization, platform forming, professionalization and intelligence’, but also initiates a development model consisting of the management of cultural & sports assets (as "one core") and the development of contents and technologies (as "two engines"), which pursues the synergy among these three business segments. Via the thorough integration of various cultural and sports offerings such as events, shows, education & training programs, smart services, technological products and industrial incubation, KCST provides diverse, systematic and smart solutions for the value appreciation of assets and creates new users’ experiences. Based on its venues, this group invests to introduce or organize about 600 sports, performance and exhibition events annually. Also, the group actively develops self-owned event IP and expands arts & sports education such as Kaisa Lefire. Meanwhile, KCST spares no effort to drive the development of smart venues and cultural, sports & technological industries, which aims to construct a unique industrial ecosphere of ‘culture & sports + technology’. As undertaking social responsibilities actively, KCST devotes itself into public welfare constantly. Its venues are kept open regularly offering public fitness services including football, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and swimming. Annually, KCST serves over 1 million citizens freely and organizes or supports over 220 large-scale urban commonweal activities attracting many citizens. Noticeably, the average duration of public free opening of each venue is about 150 days per year. Additionally, KCST blends its corporate spiritual pursuit with the value chain of public welfare events in order to achieve the healthy and sustainable development for the company.

Culture, Sports & Technology

Location:Room 3307, Kerry Centre, Ren Min South Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

Tel:0755-2231 5959

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