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Healthcare & Medical
Dedicated to Improving Human Health


Kaisa Health holds scarce pharmaceutical licenses and focuses on the development of high-end biopharmaceuticals and in-depth cultivation of psychoactive drugs. Qinghai Pharmaceutical Factory, founded in May 1958, was the first professional manufacturer designated by the state to produce anesthetics. Its raw materials include opium powder, morphine, codeine, and thebaine. Among them, the raw materials of morphine series, naloxone, and hydrocodone are exclusively supplied in China. In May 2019, Kaisa Group acquired a 54.84% stake in the factory, becoming its largest shareholder. Biolight Biotech, a blood products company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, was acquired by Kaisa in 2017 through an agreement transfer, and it is now the third largest shareholder.


Medical Services

Sports Rehabilitation Center is a branded chain medical institution dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of sports medicine, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and orthopedic-related diseases. It provides professional medical services for sports enthusiasts, orthopedic patients, postoperative populations, and sub-healthy individuals.

The rehabilitation center has rehabilitation medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and orthopedics departments; the area is divided into diagnosis and treatment rooms, therapy rooms, suspension rooms, rehabilitation training areas, physical therapy areas, etc. Currently, there are three offline rehabilitation centers in Shenzhen, namely Futian Wenbo Building Clinic, Luohu Yicui Building Clinic, and Nanshan Jinniu Plaza Clinic.

Through comprehensive professional assessments, personalized rehabilitation plans are developed, professional rehabilitation techniques are used, and advanced physical therapy and training equipment are integrated. Targeted, one-on-one guided rehabilitation training helps restore physical function, safely return to life and sports activities, improve athletic performance, and enhance future quality of life.


Medical Equipment

‘Meijia’ is China's first listed dental equipment company, and the largest professional dental equipment and high-value consumables supplier in China. It has created a high-tech digital dental brand, integrated the world's leading minimally invasive dental cosmetic repair concept, and 3D printing cutting-edge high-tech technology. Its product philosophy of ‘non-grinding teeth’, ‘no harm to original teeth’, and ‘easy dental beauty’ provides faster, safer, and less painful digital dental products for consumers who love beauty and have a sense of fashion. Its star product, Meijia ultra-thin veneer, is only 0.2mm thick, the thinnest in the industry, with a market share of 90%, and is China's leading brand for healthy dental beauty.

In 2021, Basic Implant, an American company, was acquired by Kaisa Health, and it came to China under the name Biotanium, providing more advanced oral medical services for Chinese patients.

Healthcare & Medical

Location:Tianxia Jinniu Plaza, Building A, Room 3810, No. 8 Taoyuan Road, Nantou Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City.

Tel:0755-8231 3107

  • Medicine

    Owning rare licenses in the pharmaceutical sector

    Qinghai Pharmaceutical Factory is the only domestic producer of raw materials for morphine-type drugs and has exclusive rights to 14 psychoactive drugs

  • Medical Services

    Chain of sports rehabilitation clinics

    Establishment of a production-research-education integration base

  • Medical Equipment

    Global leader in dental consumables: Mega Medical

    Establishment of a complete dental medical industry chain

    Acquisition of overseas technologically advanced implant enterprises

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