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Technology Industry

Kaisa Technology Group is a professional subsidiary of Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd., and a leading large-scale comprehensive investment group in the world. It is a technology industry eco-operator established by Kaisa to respond to the “powerful nation of science and technology” strategy of the country and assist the national industrial upgrading. Insisting the core development strategy of “industry driven city development”, the company focuses on long-term rental apartments, industrial incubation, industrial parks and supply chain technology .


The company closely interacts with global innovation resources, vigorously develops industrial space businesses such as Kaisa science and technology cities, Kaisa high-tech parks, Kaisa smart factories, Kmax incubators. The company has established a number of joint research institutes with world famous universities and scientific research institutions to promote the transformation of innovation achievements. With professional scientific cultivation services and technological innovation, it creats win-win situation with enterprises in the parks. At the same time, the company actively responds to the country's housing rental policy of “restraining real estate speculation” and “rental and purchase”, and is committed to improving urban functions and supporting facilities, promoting the construction of residential space, and striving to become a practitioner, leader and new pacesetter of city-industry integration in the country. 

Technology Industry

Location:2F, Kaisa Center Building B, 66 Nan Yuan Road, Shenzhen

Tel:0755-8232 0530


Relying on rich experience in space construction, platform development and space operation, combining high-tech such as Internet, IoTs, big data and AI, Kaisa Technology Group vigorously develops intelligent space construction such as intelligent industrial park, intelligent complex, science and technology residence, data center, smart cold chain, etc., and constructs its own science and technology industry ecological circle. It is committed to becoming a leading digital intelligent space comprehensive construction and operation service provider in China.

With the help of Internet, IoTs, big data, AI, digital twin and other technologies, digital intelligent space will be human-centered and operation oriented. It will open up spatial data, integrate spatial business, integrate spatial services, build spatial ecology, provide rich intelligent products and services, and build digital intelligent industrial space.

Smart industrial park

Relying on the multi industry platform of the Kaisa Group, the smart industrial park takes the industrial park and industrial new town as the innovation carrier, and universities and scientific research institutes as the science and technology source to provide comprehensive industrial services for the city. Through the whole industrial ecosystem of planning, resource integration, comprehensive development services and investment operation, the development mode of "developing light and heavy simultaneously, taking science and technology as the guide, industry and capital as the support" is practiced.

The industrial park has four product lines at present: Kaisa Tech City, Kaisa Technology Innovation City, Kaisa Technology Innovation Park, Kaisa Intelligence Industrial Park. They include the large-scale urban complex projects, medium-sized multi-industry complex projects and medium-small-sized manufacturing plant projects with science and technology as the theme. Kaisa Airport Tech City, Kaisa Xingdong Technology Innovation Park and other park projects have been successfully implemented, with land index reserves of more than 1000 mu (667,000 square meters).


Smart Residential

Under the background of national policy guidance, customer demand change and transformation and upgrading of real estate enterprises, how to build an innovative living community has become the key for real estate enterprises to win in the industry competition.

Kaisa technology group implements diversified development strategy. Relying on the IoTs, AI and other new technologies to create more life service scenarios and values. With the means of scientific and technological intelligence, we will carry out three dimensional changes in space, time and life cycle. Combining mode innovation, ecological resource integration and big data integration, we improve product competitiveness, provide customers with scientific and technological comfortable life experience, and promote the development of residential system, industrial system, cultural system, service system, intelligent system, health system and other comprehensive innovation.



Kaisa technology group takes "nurturing the vitality of science and technology, sharing the value of the city" as its own responsibility, practices the "two wheels and two wings" strategy with quality leadership as the core. We focus on the "two drives, two upgrades" urban operation mode, constructs the strategic logic of "City people industry" integration. Centering on the goal of "people-oriented, efficient and convenient, and business value-added", we will build a diversified intelligent scene application in the comprehensive body from the four dimensions of intelligent management, intelligent administration, intelligent security and intelligent office, and build a multi linkage digital intelligent life body that is good at perception, strong innovation, and growth.


Data Center

New infrastructure strategy, new energy revolution, new industry situation, digital infrastructure first, to build a national carbon neutral green IDC demonstration benchmark.

Kaisa Technology Group will focus on building digital infrastructure, build industrial base with cloud, and drive future development.

With the park carrier as the platform, technology industry and digital foundation as the first pair of wings, the park carrier will be inserted another pair of wings, called online and offline, to build a "one body, two wings" development mode and form a characteristic future development road of science and technology industry.


Smart Cold Chain 

Based on mature real estate operation experience and diversified resource advantages, smart cold chain helps to accelerate the development of science and technology innovation industry, actively layout the science and technology sector of supply chain, and is committed to integrating data-driven trunk transportation network and information network, so as to build a logistics network service system with integrated warehouse operation and distribution and standardized service on the basis of intensive sharing.



In terms of science and technology venture capital, Kaisa Technology Group closely connects with innovation resources, international universities and scientific research institutions, and establishes a joint research institute to provide professional scientific and technological innovation training services for start-ups.


Innovation Research Institute: 

Kaisa Group cooperates closely with well-known universities. At present, it has signed agreements with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tongji University and Southern University of Science and Technology to jointly build the Research Institutes and innovation centers.



In line with the country's strategic direction of “accelerating the cultivation and development of the housing rental market”, and responding to the housing rental policies of “restraining real estate speculation” and “rental and purchase”, Kaisa Technology Group actively deploys the long-term rental apartments, improves the city's functional and supporting facilities, builds a reliable, cost-effective shared living space for urban youth, and creates a warm and stylish life experience.

Current business includes concentrated branded apartments (Kaisa Apartment) and high-end service apartments (Kaisa Apartment PLUS).

1、Centralized Branded Apartments - Kaisa Apartment

Established in March 2017, Kaisa Apartment is a centralized long-term rental apartment brand launched by Kaisa Group to meet the needs of renting lifestyle and consumption upgrades in the new era. Based on the concept of “City Creator”, it is an innovation platform dedicated to deep stock services. Integrating “residence, business, office, social and service” in an ecological way, Kaisa Apartment provides an experience of design, texture and fun to new youths in the city.

Relying on the comprehensive strength of Kaisa Group, up to now, Kaisa Apartment has made an in-depth layout in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other key cities, and has carried out a nationwide layout, actively expanding Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities, and plans to achieve the development scale of 100000 units within three years, becoming an important member of the leading company in the long-term rental apartment industry.

2、High-end Service Apartments - Kaisa Apartment PLUS

Kaisa Apartment PLUS has upgraded residence from simple “living” to “life”, created a high-quality living experience, and committed to providing a home away from home for high-end residential families. Kaisa Apartment continues to innovate and explore from the aspects of site selection, apartment design, and quality service to meet the tenants' personalized and high-quality residential needs and provides a preferred “quality home” for more travelers. Kaisa Apartment PLUS will explore a more comprehensive service model to create a benchmark for high-end service apartments, and establish a leading novel concept and quality of living.


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